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FAQ Recover your password Activation Registration
The Edyal is a unique social service for communications, online shopping, booking and free ecommerce.
Your online store
The main purpose of the website, to give people the opportunity to build up your stores of your liking. We wanted to gather a store was not more difficult than in the website Builder on wix. Then we did the payment online through the service and payeer. Show completely... To upload products one by one or at once through the XML document unloaded from any accounting software, as an example 1C. And it so happened that on our website much more convenient was to do e-Commerce tracking and managing orders than in the social network Vkontakte. We can not compete with VK.com and the idea about the online store in a social network developed at the same time with them.
Project designer
Everything is thought out for you. Templates, intuitive editor, gallery and mobile version. Do not need technical skills, just add the desired module, upload image, video, text, documents, products or services and leave the network with a ready project. Show completely... What is the project is the equivalent of communities in social networks. Why did you call the project as EDYAL you can create not just a community, group, and online store, live channel portfolio.
Booking and services
The second feature after the online store has become the web booking and placement of their services. EDYAL provides the opportunity to reserve and to create services on any activities as a taxi, hairdresser, hotel, theater, cinema, etc. Show completely... We are using the functionality of the reservation make it more flexible and easier for people. Why a better place and make a booking here than for example in Avito? In EDYAL you fully see all the information about the service and the order in which days and hours free that could be ordered separately, so you can follow your plan, and reservations.
Online communication
The lively exchange of messages, photos, videos, announcements, documents, and unlimited. Group chat is implemented so that everyone has the right to administrator and you can endlessly add new members, collecting from 10 to 9000000 people. Show completely... Our goal was to translate the social form of serving on Internet stores where you can communicate with sellers to share with friends, discuss and exhibit.
Edyal for mobile device
Now do not have to be at the computer. Get the official mobile app Edyal and stay updated on news, monitor sales, orders, and communicate wherever You are.
Stickers from Edyal in Vk.com
The stickers of the social market Edyal in the social network VK. Add your own stickers or use the stickers sets other people free. These stickers you can use our extension to send in the social network Vkontakte. Show completely... The extension allows you to send stickers only in chat. After selecting a sticker from the set VK will automatically download to your server and send to friends.
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